Our History

Instituto Casa do Sol is a privately-owned, civil association of public utility founded in 1986. 

The institution provides care for people with physical and intellectual disabilities following the therapeutic-educational principles of the Waldorf Method.

The Curative Education, name with which this practice was created, started being developed in the early 1920’s in Germany by Dr. Rudolf Steiner and Dr. Ita Wegman with its foundations rooted in the Waldorf Method and the Anthroposophic Medicine. It soon expanded throughout Northern Europe and is today present in over 650 service centers and 60 educational centers.


Such swift expansion is entirely connected to meaningful changes of humanity’s conscience in the early twentieth century: on one hand, from the change in ethics practiced colectively to ethics exercised in an individual manner, in which each and every human being becomes responsible for their own destiny and, on the other hand, the emergence of the social/collective conscience that diseases and disorders, in a more profound isoteric interpretation, stem from social coexistence, as well as our conscience growth and the ability to love.

At the period in time of humanity’s evolution, the question arises: “Am I responsible for my brother?” Fraternity is only possible based on such acknowledgement and free will. The Curative Education is born within that context.


Dr. Rudolf Steiner and Dr. Ita Wegman also share the principle that each and every human being possesses a duty of development, in which, to a certain extent, must be applied in the social coexistence. So are commenced in Europe the first great initiatives that provide care and treat human beings in with psychological and mental disorders, as well as various disabilities, in all-day schools and ‘therapeutic communities’.


Dr. Karl König, an anthroposophic doctor, joins this line of work and founds the Camphill Movement in 1925, from which are sprung several therapeutic communities in Europe.


In Brazil, the Therapeutical or Curative Education had its start around 1960 via the work of Gunda Bay, a curative pedagogue who, for many years, led a great institution in Campos do Jordao, in the state of Sao Paulo, named Angaiá.


The year of 1986 sees the foundation of  Casa do Sol by Lucinda Dias, Rosa Rubio, Ursula Korff, Alicia da Silva Parra e Bruno Callegaro.

Instituto Casa do Sol soon after established itself as a non-profitable civil association with the objective of receiving people (mostly poor) with multiple intellectual disorders to carry out antroposophic-therapeutical services focused on well-being, improvement of physical and psychological conditions, as well as social interactions and the development of autonomy of those treated.

Along all its years of existence, Instituto Casa do Sol attained the title of Public Utility and was acknowleged as a school/education center by the Sao Paulo State Ministry of Education. We currently use the Waldorf Method in a curriculum fully adapted to people with disabilities.


Other institutions also started being developed in other cities and in 1992 the first training seminar to capacitate social therapists and curative pedagogues was created in the country with the support and endorsement of many professionals from Europe and Brazil.


The Therapeutic or Curative Education states that it’s only possible to produce curative processes based on the human interaction, upon which essential human values can be experienced and cultivated within “therapeutic communities” - independently of its form or place – that act as stem cells of fraternal social ideals where each and every human being may behold and possibly attain their own becoming.

Adapted from Curative Education Course

Rudolf Steiner

12 lectures ministered in Dornarch, Switzerland, from June 25th to July 7th, 1924.

Original: Tafelzeichnungen zum Heilpädagogischen Kurs

Brazilian Society of Antropophysical Doctors

Our Mission

"Provide the full development of the human being, enabling the social inclusion of the person with disability, following the anthroposophical principles.” 


“Within the framework of the Waldorf Methodology, to educate and to teach mean to promote the development of the latent capabilities in each and every human being (...)” (Rudolf Lanz) 

Our vision

By means of the Waldorf Method, we work for all of our students and patients to develop, within their capabilities, a higher ability of autonomy, expression, communication, well-being, education and socialization.


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