Instituto Casa do Sol adopts the Waldorf Methodology, adapted to people with disabilities. In this method, eduacation has a broader meaning than merely transmitting contents of various subjects: it englobes everything that regards the full development of the human being, in such a way that the education is seen as a healing process. 

Hence, Instituto Casa do Sol provides their students/patients with the complete formation through educational content and therapies of physical, cognitive, social and spiritual natures.

The activities developed have a therapeutic purpose, are complimentary and have as objective to promote the autonomy of the students/patients, as well as enable socialization and social inclusion. We attend all ages staring at 5 y.o.a.

Casa do Sol curriculum

KINDERGARTEN – The world is good 

It’s in the early childhood that children develop their senses, imaginative thinking and the ability to create. It’s also in this phase that they are forming the basis of thinking, of the physical body and it’s when they start their social interactions. Along these lines, the experiences that a Waldorf childhood provide are very healthy and beneficial. In this period of time we value the playing, fairy-tales, natural experiences, among various other healthy activities for the children’s psychological and physical upbringing, all of which are held in a cosy environment, surrounded by human love and warmth.

"If the child can surrender to the world around them in their play, then in their adult life they will be able to dedicate themselves to the world with confidence and strength.”

(Rudolf Steiner)


ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – The world is beautiful

It’s in this period that children experience music, artistic therapies and eurythmy. As of the age of 07, according to the Waldorf methodology, alphabetization starts. And that’s when they value stories, myths and legends. It’s important to remember that, as everything in nature is intrinsically connected, so are the contents taught, always respecting each student’s individuality.



Adults with intellectual disabilities can hardly be educated. However, by means of Social Theraphy (or Therapy of Coexistence), which contains the Therapeutic Workshops, they develop the sense of self-esteem and appraisement, and thus perceive their valuable role in the world. At Instituto Casa do Sol, the following workshops are provided:

  • Candle Making

  • Necklaces

  • Wool Felting

  • Felt Handicraft

  • Paper Recycling

  • Gardening

  • Bread Workshop


Educational Work and Therapeutic Workshops


Due to its social and human dettachment, the term “work” currently holds a negative conotation, that of exploitation and activities needed in order to survive. In Social Therapy, the other side of “work” is experienced: the joy of serving others, the pleasure of providing others with what they need and receive that service in a reciprocal manner. In that nature, work is not an occupation and the workshops are not places of occupational therapy in a restrict and literal sense.

It’s basically for that reason that the workshops, also called Therapeutic Workshops, are typically basic handicrafts:  carpentry, weaving, pottery, agriculture, sewing, gardening, culinary, and so on. The person who attends them sees their work in a double manner: they understand in practice what is being done and see the result in the social environment.

Source: Anthroposophical Society of Brazil, S.B.A.